Creating a non-linear strategic adventure step-by-step

This is the second part of my journey making a dream come true: creating a strategic adventure out of a book I have written in the past.
If I get stuck with a programming problem I will create a separate topic on it, so the topic “Creating a strategic adventure step by step” will be just for showing my progressions.

The lead player is a man or woman (which can be selected at the start of the game – not implemented yet).
The man’s name is John Carring. He was sent to this tropical and secret island to command a team of people with different skills.
He will have to meet the crewmembers one by one and take the right decisions to get them to obey his orders and function as a team for successful rescue operations around the world.

The location shown is temporarily as a test location, I will have to make my own yet.

I have spent MANY hours to make the animations and moving directions of the characters. Currently I have about 20 characters.
Thanks to some nice people on this forum that helped me with my programming problems I have progressed bit by bit.
I have uploaded the next video to show what already works.

  • Right clicking mouse to select look-get-talk-walk
  • With “walk” selected the character moves to the mouse sprite position until his feet reaches the
    coordinates (mouse transform).
  • With “Talk to” selected the character moves to the selected NPC position
  • Then the NPC turns toward main player
  • Closeup of NPC while interacting
  • There is some interaction possible between main player and NPC by using different menus
  • As long as the main player hides his real name he won’t get far in adding the NPC to the team.
  • There are some random answers to make the illusion the NPC really thinks about her answers.

Next things to do:

  • Player turns to NPC if neccessary
  • Closeup of Player when he has to choose an answer
  • Animating background parts (ocean, moving tree leaves(maybe)
  • Adding beach sound

I hope you like it so far and if I you have any questions or improvement suggestions let me know!

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Thank you for the update! But it seems your video ( ) no longer exists (did you make it public on YouTube? )

Ah, I still had it in concept.
It should work now, I made it also public.

About time for an update!

  • added “rotating” player standidle images and character turning in all directions while looking
  • click while looking at an object or NPC triggers player comment
  • added location limitation for moving around (with player comments)
  • added location object (no interaction between player and object yet)
  • added location sound
  • improved closeup scenes and interaction with NPC characters

There are some flaws that I still have to work on (player sometimes walks when looking, should be only with walking icon).
Closeup of main player (where, when and why?) still in investigation.

Next items that I will work on for next update:

  • more interaction with NPC
  • interaction with location objects
  • real first location graphic (current image is just for testing)
  • scenery animation
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